How to Lower Utility Bills Through Energy Efficiency

How to Lower Utility Bills

Almost every aspect of a house that is energy inefficient and is costing you money. The first step towards lower utility bills starts with a phone call to the local power company to schedule an inspection of your home for energy efficiency. The power company will send someone out to your house to check everything for energy efficiency. They will check to see if there is any air seeping in or out in your doors and windows, make sure your water heater is properly insulated, and test your power lines to make sure there are no circuits draining electricity, And, they will perform this check free of charge because it is also in their best interest to conserve energy wherever possible. The more power you and others needlessly drain from the entire grid means that much less good clean electricity that they can provide to all of their other customers and could ultimately lead to rolling brown-outs or black-outs.

One client had this check done by their power company done and found that their path to lower utility bills included replacing their portable air conditioning unit. It was constantly draining power, even when it was turned completely off. The absolute easiest thing that you can do to lower utility bills is make sure that your appliances are up to date. It will actually cost you more in the long run, to keep those old, inefficient appliances. And, when you go shopping to replace those appliances, pay extra attention to the energy efficiency rating when making your selection of new appliances and try to select the brand and model that has the highest efficiency rating.

Source: Stephen G. Anthony – a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and South Florida.